The Comiskey Family  



  • For Joel's book, Youth in Cell Ministry(2017) to bless many.
  • For the Comiskey girls following Jesus.
  • Big changes in 2017: Our new grandchild "Levi James."
  • Chelsea's graduation from BIOLA University in December 2016.
  • For God's continuing blessing over our lives and ministry.


  • For God's anointing on Joel's seminar speaking in 2017-2018 . Pray for God's protection on family while Joel is speaking
  • For Celyce and Joel traveling together in 2017-2018.
  • For Celyce as she pursues a Masters Degree in counseling at Talbot Seminary (the degree is actually called "Soul Care")
  • For God to provide all of the non-profit support needed through Joel Comiskey Group.
  • For the sales and ministry of Joel's books.
  • For Sarah, Nicole, and Chelsea to continue to walk with Jesus.
    Prayer Covering: God revolutionized our lives in 1995 after reading Peter Wagner's book Prayer Shield (Regal Books, 1992). Both Celyce and I  realized that it wasn't enough to send out  "prayer letters" to friends.  We needed to have specific prayer partners. God has given us a handful of front-line prayer warriors who pray daily for us,  while others have chosen to pray at least once per week. If you are praying regularly for us (at least once per week), let us know by writing to us at, and we will stay in close contact with you. 

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